Company Profile

Established in 1967, Panteka market is located in Tudun Wada, Kaduna South local government in Kaduna state, started as a dumping ground for worn out machines, vehicles, scraped metals and second-hand spare parts and goods in an open space.  its grow to accommodate skilled workers such as welders, carpenters, panel beaters, painters, metal fabricators, iron benders, paint makers, builders and others regardless of age gender and religion from different part of the country found their way in the market,

Due to over population and traffic congestion particularly along Malan Madori/ Polytechnic Road. Kaduna Capital Development Board (KCDB) decided in 1985 to relocate Mainly Vehicles Spare Parts Yard to a new lay out consisting of 350 shops along Nnamdi Azikiwe Way, thus the emergence of the New Panteka Market. Among the prominent peoples that first moves to the new site includes,’

·        Alh Mustapha Bukar

·        Alh Sani Maikatako

·        Alh Muhammadu kwabo – kwabo

·        Alh Isa Nakakuri

·       Alh Baba Maigishiri

·        Mr Augustine

·       Mr Sunday Oju


The new panteka market is a metal scrap yard that houses mechanical, electrical, metal scrap yards, automobile spare part shops and fabrication workshops. The market currently occupied an area of about 250 m2 consisting of 5000 shops and a total of 3000 individuals conducting different types of business among which includes.

1. Car towing and rescue services

They provide rescue towing service to all manner of vehicles owners at any given time. The operators have more than ten (10) towing vehicles of different size and capacity, capable of towing cars from any part of the northern Nigeria to garages for repairs work or to panteka market where they are cut into pieces for recycling purposes,

2.      Scraps Car dismembering unit

To tackle the of problems of environmental waste posed by Car unused vehicles and to help create wealth from waste. The car scrapping is one of the most lucrative activities taking place at the Panteka market.

A car can be given for scrapping if it is badly damaged in an accident or remains unused for a very long time, not in good condition or it has exceeded its expiring dates and its price by its weight per kg.

Scrapping process at panteka market involve depolluting which potentially remove all hazardous materials such as fluid from the car to avoid environmental contamination.  it follows with manually cutting the car to search for parts which can be used again such as the seat, engine, axles, batteries airbags tires wheels headlamp stereo system etc after the reusable component are carefully taken out the metallic frame part of the vehicle are manually cut into pieces for onward transportation to shredding.

An average of twenty vehicles of different sizes and made are brought into the market for scrapping and recycling which help reduce the environmental impact of unused cars within Kaduna and environ, it provides jobs and means of livelihood to many Individuals particularly youths and generate revenues to the government etc. most importantly in recent its help sustain the following business within the markets.

1.    Shock absorber sales and refurbishing Services

2.    Various Car Tyres sales and repair services

3.     Metal and Aluminum Car Rimes Sales and Repair services

4.    Cars Headlamp sales, restoration and repair    services

5.    Wheel cover (Hubcap)sales and repair services

6.    Copper wire recycling

7.    Car Key repairs and cutting services



Though the Market is own by Kaduna South Local Government Council, its Management is solely the responsibility of the market Union a Registered entity name Sabuwar Panteka Nasara trade Union, Kaduna. Under the Leadership of Alh Abba Aminu Gwaska {Majidadin Rigasa}. 40 years old entrepreneur, administrator with a vision and philanthrope All Executives Members of the Union are Democratically elected for a period of four Years.

Apart from the Executives’ Members that assist the Chairman in running the affairs of the market on a daily basis. The Chairman also appoint.

1.     Specials Assistance and Advisers.

2.     Task Force officials and Judges

3.     One representative of trade unit

The major responsibility of the market union leadership is to assist the government in

1.     Revenue generation

2.     Maintenance of peace and security

3.     Protect customers relation

4.     Environmental sanitation.

To run the affairs of the market successfully and effectively the union source it income from levies and fine thus ensuring the provision of conducive environment for business activities to takes place within the market.