SABUWAR PANTEKA NASARA TRAD ERS UNION KADUNA Company Profile Established in 1967, Panteka market is located in Tudun Wada, Kaduna South local government in Kaduna state, started as a dumping ground for worn out machines, vehicles, scraped metals and second-hand spare parts and goods in an open space.  its grow to accommodate skilled workers such as welders, carpenters, panel beaters, painters, metal fabricators, iron benders, paint makers , builders and others regardless of age gender and religion from different part of the country found their way in the market, Due to over population and traffic congestion particularly along Malan Madori/ Polytechnic Road. Kaduna Capital Development Board (KCDB) decided in 1985 to relocate Mainly Vehicles Spare Parts Yard to a new lay out consisting of 350 shops along Nnamdi Azikiwe Way, thus the emergence of the New Panteka Market. Among the prominent peoples that first moves to the new site includes,’ ·          Alh Mustapha Bukar ·